PS 3.1

Political and Social Movements


  • 08.30 - 10.30 HRS. (BKK)

Movement on climate change and health requires political leadership at local, national and global scale.  Global polling shows both that here is solid support for climate action across countries, that health is high on the list of climate change concerns, and that health professionals are among the most trusted voices in society. To date, however, there has been insufficient progress through political governance on climate change and health at either global (notably UNFCCC, World Health Assembly), or national level in most countries.


This session will discuss where political progress has been made at international, national and local level.  It will make the connection between formal political processes and social movements that are mobilizing health and other voices to push for positive change on climate change and health.


1. To identify entry points and positive experiences in using health as a positive argument for driving coherent political action on climate change, air pollution, biodiversity and health. 

2. To develop a more effective connection of positive climate and health social movements into political and other formal governance processes. 

3. Examine impactful strategies/ lessons that can be brought to climate change from other global political movements i.e women’s movement, other health movements like HIV. 

4. The political consequences of climate change on health