Setting a New Health Agenda – at the Nexus of Climate Change, Environment and Biodiversity

The triple planetary crisis, three interconnected crises – ‘Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss, and Pollution’ are putting global health and well-being at risk. They undermine opportunities to reduce poverty, ensure intra- and inter-generational equity and improve lives, and they complicate the response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Addressing and acting on the nexus of climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation would reduce the risk of current and new health threats, creating a more promising and healthy future for coming generations and not leaving the most vulnerable groups behind.1 There are salient opportunities for maximizing health co-benefits by addressing inter-linkages and common grounds of social and planetary dimensions for future human- and planet sustainability, creating multi-level conversations and actions to accelerate progress towards the 2030 Agenda.

The Prince Mahidol Award Conference is a powerful global multi-stakeholder platform that can enable complex dialogues, stimulating inter-sectorial and interdisciplinary collaboration among countries, sectors and disciplines, sending positive signals for scaling up efforts to tackle these converging crises, and to improve human and planetary health. PMAC 2023 offers a unique opportunity to address the Triple Planetary Crisis (climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution) and Triple Billion global health burden of people lacking access to health care, needing enhanced protection from health emergencies, and falling behind health and wellbeing metrics.

The format of PMAC allows deeper dives into several fields within the nexus of climate, biodiversity, pollution and health, with a strong emphasis on policy and private sector accountability and initiatives at all levels; global, national, regional, and community levels. Active engagement with politicians and other decision-makers, academia, and the business sector at this level, PMAC 2023 aims to stimulate action-oriented discussions and pave a strong foundation for collaborative action and decision-making regarding climate, environment and biodiversity for optimal health outcomes.

This year, there are three main sub-themes for the PMAC 2023, including:


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