In Remembrance of Thai UCS founder "Dr. Sanguan Nitayarumphong" - UHC Book Series Lunch Event

Meeting Organizer

National Health Security Office (NHSO)

28 January 2023

13:00 - 13:20 hrs.

Venue : Special Event Area

Open to All Participants


Talking back to over decades, in 2001, in Thailand had four difference public schemes and nearly one in four people were uninsured by any health insurance especial for the poor. Dr. Sanguan Nitayarumphong, was the one who credited with laying foundations of Universal Coverage Scheme or UCS or 30-baht scheme for all treatment program at that time after Thailand passed the National Health Security Act B.E.2545 (A.D.2002) and the initiative of UCS. Dr. Sanguan Nitayarumphong has dedicated a lifetime to research design and promoted a participatory policy of the various sectors in the National Health Insurance Act in 2002. Consequently, all Thai people have equal access to public health services. The system is constantly developing and it has proven to help Thai people to access services when needed. Households are not faced with catastrophic health expenditure when suffering from an illness. January this year is 15-years of universal healthcare pioneer has passed away and it is 20-years of establishment day of the National Health Security Office (NHSO), which is also the day that UCS was introduced in Thailand — leading to the expansion of healthcare coverage to 99% of the Thai population. UCS has contributed to the great advancement of the Thai health system while creating positive social and economic impacts that improve people’s health and lift many out of poverty. To celebrate 20th year of NHSO’s and UCS’ establishment, and in remembrance of the healthcare pioneer, Dr. Sanguan Nitayarumphong, NHSO has complied the best five of Universal Coverage Scheme book series that indicate Thai UCS system, knowledge sharing, good practices and health related issued for the PMAC 2023 delegations and others. The best of five are; • Thailand UHC & Overview of the Universal Coverage Scheme of the National Health Security Office • People’s Participation of the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) in Thailand • Customer Rights Protection under the Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) in Thailand • Role and Operation of the National Health Security Office during the COVID-19 Crisis • FAQs 10 Frequently asked question