Launch of The BMJ strategy and vision to improve health and resiliency in the Asia Pacific: How can a medical journal help tackle planetary challenges of climate, conflict, inequities and bey

Meeting Organizer

British Medical Journal

28 January 2023

13:40 - 14.00 hrs.

Venue : Special Event Area

Open to All Participants


The BMJ is one of the world’s leading medical journals with a renewed mission to improve the health, equity and wellbeing of people and the planet, coinciding with the appointment of Kamran Abbasi as editor in chief in January 2022, the first British Asian editor in the journal’s 200 year history. The world is in crisis, and it is the role of medical journals and editors to advance the mission that outcomes related to health and wellbeing are central to how we create a better future. Please join The BMJ editors and editorial advisors to discuss the best ways that the journal can contribute to and collaborate for a more promising and improved health outcomes in the Asia Pacific and beyond, and to advance understanding of the health implications of the planetary threats to climate, biodiversity, and the environment. Hosted by: Kamran Abbasi, Editor in chief, The BMJ Jocalyn Clark, International editor, The BMJ Gabriel Leung, Executive director (charities and communities), Hong Kong Jockey Club; former Dean of medicine, University of Hong Kong Susy Mercado, Director of food systems and resiliency, Hawaii Public Health Institute; former Undersecretary and Chief of Staff of the Department of Health, Government of Philippines and former Director, NCD and Health, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office