Puthita Kachintorn

Pharma-agro Business Developer
K Agro-innovate Institute under Kasikornthai Foundation

Growing up in a medical-affiliated family, even though not a medical personnel herself, Ms. Puthita Kachintorn has always set her heart in helping people. In doing so, she did her Master’s Degree with the focus area of social enterprise, in a hope to be able to create a bridge in assisting the underserved groups of people. Fortunately, Ms. Kachintorn has found the opportunity to be a part of the initiative to restore Nan pristine headwater forest by Mr. Lamsam, Chairman Emeritus of KASIKORNBANK; presently, she is working as a Pharma-agro Business Developer of K Agro-innovate Institute (KAI), under KASIKORNTHAI Foundation. Previously, Ms. Kachintorn also gained her experience working in corporate finance at Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), the largest hospital operator network in Thailand, and working as a project manager in a health-tech start up. With her background revolving around the healthcare industry for most of her life, she found the key to bring about the success in creating the ‘end-to-end value chain’ of medicines from plants, which is the ‘game changer’ to sustainably restore Nan forest, is the connectivity among muti-sectors. Ms. Kachintorn is now serving as the squad team to make sure all the key players along the value chain, such as researchers, regulators, physicians etc., is moving towards the same goal with cross-collaborations in their works. Being one of the forefront to build not only a ‘multi-disciplinary’, but also an ‘end-to-end’ value chain to change people’s way of making a living in the forest, which is the deeply rooted problem leading to a never-ending deforestation, she needs to acquire extensive inter-sectorial knowledge and knowhow from both domestic and international level. She strongly believes that her privilege of being born in the properly-served group of the society and her youth energy should be put into what really matters to the world. Ms. Kachintorn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from Mahidol University International College, Thailand and her MSc of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Queen Mary, University of London.


PS 2.2
Inter-sectoral, Multi-sectoral Approaches: Challenges (Part 1)

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