Closing Session


  • 15.00 - 16.00 HRS. (BKK)

  • Apart from wielding PMAC 2023 Statement, this final session should reflect on the previous discussions and should be focusing on the youth and future actions. Following are the ideas for the developing the Closing Session. 
    • The Closing Session seeks to leave attendees with positive, forward looking messages, sharing information on the Foundation’s new health strategy could contribute to this goal with a commitment to action aligning with calls to action heard throughout the conference.
    • This session should have representatives from each PL session, each one having few minutes to provide the outcomes and conclusions of its sessions under each ST. This would be very beneficial for the audiences, especially that they will feel they did not miss anything, but rather learned everything in just one session.
    • One idea could be to have mainly younger people in the closing, and for it to be more forward looking and inspiring. This session should leave with promising aspiration and intergenerational commitment for actions.
    • Panelists may be appointed from conference speakers/participants fulfilling a mix of government, civil society, academia, and multicultural organizations.
    • The session should pick up key points received from other panels and capitalize on how to implement them in reality. This session should provide insightful observation, conclusion, takeaway tools that links to the call for future actions.
    • We can also have the closing session in the form of small group discussion to come up with collaboration ideas for the implementation of lessons learned from the whole PMAC 2023.



Benita Kayembe

Naveen Rao

Peter Friberg

Rajiv Shah

Yoke Ling Chee

Session Materials

Naveen Rao.pdf