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Elevating the voices of young people for climate action


  • 08.30 - 10.30 HRS. (BKK)

By 2025, Gen Z will exceed over 30% of the global workforce. Join us for Future Talk: leverage Gen Z to create a workforce advantage. It is the only youth-led AND action-focused event. You will leave with innovative solutions and new ideas.


You will hear directly from young leaders. How can we harness Gen Z’s unique drive and approach to address issues at the nexus of climate change, biodiversity loss and health crises? 


FHI 360’s partner, Future Minds Network will offer practical guidance and tools to action social change. Work collaboratively with participants to inspire and implement ideas that mobilise intergenerational action. Bring these back to your workplace and have actionable takeaways, new insights and a completely fresh perspective. 

To inspire, raise youth voices and increase youth participation to address climate and health crisis.


Lavetanalagi Seru

Mohamed Eissa

Nathaniel Diong

Omnia El Omrani

Shreesha Nankhwa

Tipvipa Kittikasemsak

Wilawan Panyoung

Short Paper

Lavetanalagi Seru